PERFORMANCE ART "THE MUSICAL" A performance art piece that was made (similar) to a musical. It was performed in May of 2009 in Dayton Ohio. It is based on shape note music and Sacred Harp singing. There are  many links associated with the performance page that allows you to fully understand how it was done. Five video links of the performance and method on YouTube.

OLD PERFORMANCES - NEW POSTINGS  Two performances from 1993 and 1994 have now been posted on the internet. Both contain full video's of the Performances and some still photos. Out...Out...Brief Candle contains the audio and transcript of Jim Jones suicide tape as well as a unique view of Adolf Hitler's position in civilization.  Millennium End's Ritual contains the full performance from the Cleveland Performance Art Festival. It contains no words but the audio is Industrial/Mechanical. Both these two performances relate to the current Retro Punk X performance.

Dayton Ohio's Major Performance art event of 2007 was a success. September 14, 15, 2007. The second "SIDESHOW" with visual art, performance art and music. At the Cannery Arts & Design Center, 520 E. Third St. More than 50 artists and musicians.  The event was free and open to the public. Here are video's of two of the performances Siren of the Odyssey and Dr. Jack   and  Captain3 and the AEther Orchestra   

Retro Punk X  This is a defining performance art piece for Environmental Theater. For a definition of Environmental Theater and (three formats - including YouTube) links of the Marxists Rally for Kucinich that was performed in the Oregon District in downtown Dayton Ohio May 19th, 2007. Go to this site 

Retro Punk X  Performance art site  is an in progress site that will be performed in the Spring, Summer or Fall of 2007.  It is an elaborate piece about the struggle between the Artist and the Super Organism. Many parts are (as of the end of May) completed including the BlooMeUp Moe girl and her bubble gum collection. The Enticer girls are also complete. Both of these contain short video clips in different formats. They can be accessed in these different formats which include YouTube. The performance is divided into Chapters with many pages of text and links to other text and videos.

The Red Queen  This is the Perfect Performance Art Piece because it involves combined multiple performances. It includes "Fred", the invisible performer. He is the Internet site that contains all the information, including video and still photographs. Any of the performances can stand alone or be combined in any manner to make a complete performance. This works because it is based on Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass" Alice in the Garden of Live Flowers. This gives them all a common root. Index for the performances, video, still photos, "Fred's" stand alone part, creative records and alternate performance   Performed 28 October 2006 in Dayton Ohio. Follow the links to get the full effect. If all the pages of this performance are printed out it will be more than 30 pages. The video is about 5 minutes long.




ZIDLab offers unique training opportunities for performers, actors, dancers, directors, choreographers,  students and others interested in development, exploration and creation within the field of physical visual and multimedia theatre and dance. The work is based on Western and non-Western physical visual theatre and dance tradition, with a strong interdisciplinary approach. Within the framework of a specific training, the basic principals of the work of ZID Theater are always included: exploring and transcending the borders between theatre, dance, music and visual - media art.

In 2002 and 2003 I made a DATV (Dayton Access Television) show called Polly's Performance Art Show.  Only one episode was completed.  However, there was more video.  Here are two of Polly's interviews.  One with Mark The Marxist and one with Ellie the Alien. ...........Jack Bowman



This site is the Holy Grail of Performance Art.  It was performed at the "Pearl" in Dayton Ohio on March 12, 2006.  It has all the positive attributes of Performance Art.  It has mind manipulation, entertainment, deceit, poetry, unplanned audience interaction, audience participation.  It is dance. It is time Art (time is a very important intentional aspect of the performance).  It is a future predictor. A Prophet. 

NOTE:  The site is in progress and will contain much more.  Currently it contains a real media video of the performance.  The resolution is poor because it was transferred to real media format (requires a free real player) so it will not take up so much net space.  It is the "Hell's Bullet" performance art piece.

Hell's Bullet Performance

NOTE:  The video located above seems very slow to load.  A faster loading one (that probably doesn't require a real player) is located here Rock Me Armageddon

NEW Environmental Theater site that needs participants.  Based on Evolution.     New as of March 2005.  CLICK on icon at left.  Participants would spread the word of Evolution.  It is written with no reference to contemporary religions.  It is not satanic nor pagan.  It is based on the consideration of man as an evolved species that is shorted in his life by contemporary civilization.  It offers another way of life for the species. In September 2007 it was linked to the stage performance of and Bibles of Evolution were distributed to the audience.


TEACHING PERFORMANCE ART NEW IN 2001.  Teaching Performance Art in a Public School, and Junior College.  Updated the fall of 2002. NOTE:  This is not a commercial site. It contains no pop-ups, sign ins, or sales links.  It is only a free information for view.



Multiple performances September 7, 2001 at David Shoe Building in Cincinnati.

Multiple performances March 22, and 23, 2002 at the Contemporary Dance Theater Performance Time Art Series.  Photos of these Performances are located at:

THE SECOND ANNUAL REGIONAL ERROR WORSHIP CONFERENCE  Still Photos of Racheal Cook, Leigh Waltz, Izan Knarf, Holly Price, Mark Gunderson from the Second Annual Regional Error Worship Conference of 14 June 2002, in Cincinnati Ohio at the SSNova.  PHOTOS

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" as presented at the ErrorWorship Conference with Dancing Hitler doll, Script and other links.

ART TO DIE FOR "The Communist Cafe" an environmental theater, performance art piece.  IN PROGRESS (looking for performers)  NOTE:  This is not a commercial site. It contains no pop-ups, sign ins, or sales links.  It is only a free information for view.

A DIVERSE PERFORMANCE ART PIECEAlice and the Red Queen in the Garden of Random Delights. This piece was created to explore the multiple possibilities of one Performance Art Concept. It includes a stage performance, with audience interaction, a board game that Internet users can play, an environmental theater piece and a math mystery from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass.  The stage performance was done in May of 2008.

New (December 2007) essay that compares pre-Nazi Berlin performance to Contemporary Dayton Ohio Performance.  Contains still pictures and video links.