This web space is dedicated to Performance art and Environmental theater.  It is created by Jack Bowman. It includes definitions and history.  Click on the blue buttons "blubutn.gif (931 bytes)" to go to the various Performance Art Menu Pages

  NEW in 2001.  Teaching Performance Art in a Public School  UPDATED in 2006

blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Performance Art News  This site contains current, in progress, Performance Art Pieces as well as recent ones of interest. Also contains links to upcoming workshops when available. (Updated monthly) blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Mr. Hitler's Neighborhood Menu Page. Mr Hitler's Neighborhood is a parody on the suppression of expression that is encountered in the Public Education System in America.
blubutn.gif (931 bytes) A Brief History of Performance Art blubutn.gif (931 bytes)  Adolf Hitler on Art and Education
blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Definition of Performance Art blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Albert Einstein on Art and Education
blubutn.gif (931 bytes) List of Jack Bowman's Performance Art Pieces. Essay on  blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Cannibalism.   This is an essay that shows the relationship between cannibalism and art. THE LAST TABOO
Church of Uncle Woody Site  .blubutn.gif (931 bytes)  This is an independent performance art piece called the Church of Uncle Woody.  Here you can accept a puppet as your savior and receive eternal life.  Joining this church has no cost attached.  It is pure cyberism.  Uncle Woody is an automaton that interacts with his environment. blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Strike Site Menu page.  This is a performance page dedicated to the working class and their place in history.
Environmental Theater piece blubutn.gif (931 bytes) called STRIKE
blubutn.gif (931 bytes)   "ED GEIN'S XMAS" video clips of The Performance Art Piece and the Film by Rob Avery. Performance piece blubutn.gif (931 bytes) called America's Second Civil War
blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Super Code Performance Art Piece blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Performance in Plato's Cave. Performed at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival 1999
blubutn.gif (931 bytes) THE DARK TIME a performance art piece about the origin of time in society blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Plato's Cave "Uncle Ed's One and only true world of Science"
blubutn.gif (931 bytes) JACK'S THEOREM AND THE PRIMAL THOUGHT.  A performance art piece that contrast the natural with the artificial blubutn.gif (931 bytes) A film about Dayton Ohio's Avant-garde artist at the end of the millennium.
blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Performance art piece DECLARATION OF THE ARTIST blubutn.gif (931 bytes) Performance art piece AMERICA'S SECOND CIVIL WAR (with video clip)

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