By Jack Bowman 1999

This site is about the Solitary Wasp.  There are many species of Solitary Wasp.  In fact there are far more species of Solitary Wasp than there are Social Wasp.  It appears that the Social Wasp have specialized for a specific environment and are unable to escape it.  If the environment rapidly changes the various species of Social Wasp will perish.  Future pages explain why this is so.

A performance art piece "Super Code" is dedicated to the evolutionary formula that creates and maintains Social Wasp Colonies.  This site is located

After the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1918 there arose two brothers as major intellectual figures.  One was Karel Capek.   Karel wrote R.U.R.   The word Robot comes from this play.  Josef wrote The Insect Play.   When Josef wrote The Insect Play he was concerned with the species becoming no more than a large insect colony.  Josef was a Cubist painter and was concerned with the Dada art of the unconscious.  After Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939, Josef was sent to a concentration camp.  He died in Belsen in April of 1945.  The following notebook pages from December of 1994 are Josef's nightmare come true.

The Honeybee has developed the WAGGING DANCE.    The angle from gravity (they go up the hive) is the same as the angle toward the sun.  The number of wags of their tail is the distance to the nectar.  The honeybee in essence uses math.  He knows both direction (Geometry) and distance (time in flight)


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