The Environmental Theater Performance

This was the actual performance of the script of The Garden.  It was to be performed in the Lobby of the Cleveland Public Theater during a break in performances at the Performance Open of the Cleveland Performance Art Festival.

This performance was to be transmitted live over the Internet using the WebCam technique.  The WebCam will capture an image, time stamp it, upload it to a web site.   Due to the time involved in the uploading to a web site the images are captured every 30 seconds.  They could be captured quicker but to assure no collapse on the server end, plenty of time is allowed.  There is no sound transmitted with this WebCam technique. 

The transmission having no sound created special problems.  It was something like re-inventing the silent movies.  But more difficult because they had 30 images a second and we had only one image every thirty seconds.  The script was written to deal with this.  The script was placed on a web page so it could be pre-read by the Internet audience.  The essence of the Internet performance was a dance that could be observed even with the very slow transmission.  This was called the Evolution Dance.

The performance was to take place in a live audience, not in front of a live audience.  This was to assure it to be Environmental Theater/Performance.  On the animated GIF of the performance you can see that most of the audience were not aware of the performance taking place. Since the transmission included the audience they also were unwittingly performers.  I saw in the audience several things but most pronounced was they moved around like ants when you kick an ant hill.  This is very much like Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio.  In Koyaanisqatsi the director speeded up the documentary films and the humans took on a look of dark silhouetted ants in the ant colony.