The fake performance was a pretaped practice of The Garden that was to be transmitted live on the internet during the actual performance in case we could not get all the technical problems worked out in time for the performance.  This was pre-arranged to be transmitted from a computer located at the University of Cincinnati.   The internet viewers were not told this was a fake performance.  Remember, it is Plato's Cave we are dealing with.  No one knows what is real or what is fake.

Since the actual transmission itself was live it showed the correct time at the bottom of the image.  The internet audience was instructed to go to the alternative site (but were not told it was fake) if the actual transmission didn't start by a predetermined time.

The problem that we encountered was an unanticipated complex phone network.   We had anticipated a line hooked up to a fax but had not anticipated that the lines had multiple phones.  I knew the Cleveland Public Theater was a small place that did not require multiple lines.  However, apparently there were 6 or 7 phones to various organizations, at differing locations, hooked up to the lines.  There were no computer related technical problems.