1.  Beatrice-Joanna Foxe:  She is 29, had medium to large breast and a straight waistline.  She wore a black dress in the first chapter.  Her hair was cider-colored and straight and fringed.  Her face was white with powder.  She didn't wear perfume since that was reserved for the men. Beatrice-Joanna is married to Tristram but has an affair with her brother-in-law Derek.  Beatrice-Joanne is in Chapter One of the fist part as she is taking her dead son, Roger,for reclamation as fertilizer. P2 O5. Beatrice-Joanna later becomes pregnant by her brother-in-law Derek and gives birth to twins.

2.  Tristram Foxe:  Tristram is married to Beatrice-Joanna.  He teaches history.  His teaching is in Chapter Four of the first part.

3.  Derek Foxe:  Derek is the brother of Tristram and is in a high government position.  He is in this position because he pretends he is homosexual.  Homosexuality is considered a positive attribute because of its ability to control population.  Derek has an affair with his brother's wife Beatrice-Joanne.

4. Joscelyne:  Joscelyne is the principle at the school where Tristram teaches.  He is bald and had a degree from the University of Pasadena but he himself was from Sutton, West Virginia.  He was sexless.  He appears mostly in Chapter Eight of the first part.

5.  Two women in the elevator:  Caucasian and one was like a "fluffy kitten" and the other a "stocky bullfrog."  They were kissing in the elevator in Chapter One of the first part. The masculine one was named Freda. They wore white coats and were Radiographers.  They held hands as they entered the elevator.

6.Young Dandy. Wore a stylish well-cut jacket without lapels, tight calf-length trousers, flowery round-necked shirt.  He wore bright cyclamine lipstick.

7. Priest: Charcoal eyes and reddish nose.  Introduced in Chapter ten of the first part. In the Montague Bar.

8.  Homosexual Policemen: Major characters in Chapter ten of the first part.  They danced together in the Montague Bar.  The recruits wore trousers tapered to black elastic at bands that hugged the upper part of their deep-soled boots. The tunics were archaec with their collars.  The collars were brassy collar-dogs glinting on them. They wore blackties.  The men wore a cap in gray cheese-cutter shape.  The police badge was directly above the frontal lobes. One of the policemen wore black lipstick to match his tie.


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