Internet Theater Script

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The interactive Internet Theater will be performed in late January 2000 and February and March 2000.  The specific dates are not yet determined.

It is tentatively planned to go something like this.  There will be a chat room opened for all to participate.  People will log on to the chat room and pretend they are characters from Burgess's "The Wanting Seed".  They do not have to follow a script.  They can get the essence of the character and then say anything they wish.  At the same time as the chat room there will be web cam transmissions of performers actually performing (This web cam transmission will be from at least one location but the opportunity for other performers with web cam capabilities are open).

Any performer can say and act as they wish with each performance.  In fact performers are encouraged to read all the "The Wanting Seed" and kick in any character they want and the personality of that character according to their interpretations.  However, to impose direction and limit complexity in organization (there are no limits to complexity in performing) there will be three sections of "The Wanting Seed" used in the interactive Internet performance.  They will be:

The February 2000 performance;  Part 1 Chapter 1  "The Yellow Coffin"  Beatrice-Joanna is bringing in her dead baby in a yellow coffin.  Two women are kissing.  A male homosexual is applying make-up.

The March 2000 performance; Part 1, Chapter 10 "The Police Dance"  Tristram starts the chapter teaching and ends it in a bar drinking alc.  The priest is talking about the homosexual policemen that are dancing.   The priest gets beat up.  There are no females in this second part so if needed the females that want to perform could dress up in drag and be a male homosexual policemen.

The April 2000 performance; Part 4, Chapter 1 "The Dining Club" This is the human outdoor bar-b-que. (humans are eaten)  There are many good quotes in this section like "No room, no room", "your criminal is your only moral man", "Man is a carnivore, just as man is a breeder.  The two are cognate and the two have been long suppressed", "When the state withers, humanity flowers", "The cat's way is only exceeded by its perpenderosity.", "I love potatoes, I love pork, I love man"

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