Doomsday Performance

The Doomsday Performance is an "Eyes Only" document.   Eyes Only, is taken from a military classification and it essentially means that you cannot talk about it.  You are only allowed to read about it.  It should be obvious that since the Doomsday Performance is posted on the Internet that a lot of people can read it.  However, remember you are not allowed to talk about it.

The Doomsday Performance is designed to be performed when the destruction of capitalism seems imminent.  The performers are to make that decision.   It would be like if one nation, no matter how small, dropped an atomic bomb on another.  It would be if the stock market in any modern nation dropped 33%. It would be if the cost of energy (gasoline) jumped extremely in a short span of time. Or it would be any other thing that the performers concluded heralded the end of capitalism and civilization as we know it.

The Doomsday Performance even when activated does not allow for the breaking of contemporary law.  The performers are essentially to spread the word about the collapse of capitalism.

1.  This is to start with public education.  It should be obvious that Capitalism brought about the collapse.  However, the public education system in America is in essence a propaganda tool of state capitalism.  They will blame the typical false enemies like Arabia, China, Russia, Cuba. They cannot and will never blame the people of America or themselves.  Initially you distribute flyers outside the schools.  This means parochial as well as public.  The school systems, whether religious or not, are all after the same thing the dissemination of state propaganda. be continued.....