The first performance is scheduled for Tuesday February 15th at 8:00 eastern time US and Canada

Here are the word direction to log on to the Chat area to participate in the Interactive Internet theater part of the Revolution.

 If you get lost in the process don't worry about it.  They make it very confusing but not impossible.  So here are directions.
Go to:
1.  In the upper left quarter of this web page it says "Find a Club"
2.  Type in Utopia and click on go
3.  The first Utopia that says "discuss possible Utopias, both fact and fiction" is the one. Click on it.
4.  You will know it is the correct one if it is hosted by Wolfgang 23.
5.  On the upper right quarter it says something like Members Online and numbers like 0 of 11 or some other number.  Click on Join Now.
6.  You then have two options, click on the one that says Sign up and join this club.
7.  It will take you to another screen (Step 1) and you sign up.  You have to check that Lycos Service Agreement box at the bottom and then click on Continue.
8.  That is as far as I can get because of the cookie thing.  But the best I recall they will send you email with your username and password and maybe ask you to log in or (remember this is an or) they will continue and ask if you want the program that allows you to know what is going on with the netclubs.
You should say yes and that allows you to access it quickly with an icon on your desktop.
I don't have high hopes of getting many participants because of the complexity of this but I guess we should look at it as a learning adventure, so it will get better.  We still see the need to do it.

For visual directions (with illustrations)

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