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July 31, 2000

Poetry Writing Workshop (fourth week)

A five week poetry writing workshop for all levels, 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.  Thursday , August 3, at Borders Books, Music & Cafe, 2040 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, Miami Twp. South Dayton near the Dayton Mall.  ph 434-3800. Dayton Ohio

POETRY Reading

Reading at Yellow Springs Friday Aug 4th,  Poetry on the Patio at Sam and Eddie's Open Book.  7-9.


Sunday July 30 Poetry Slam was won by Randy Hollon. 

 For more information on the Slam go to: 



Visit for photos of last reading at Ruth's. Next reading is at Nikki Allen's on Friday.   Also read "Comment...." below.

Comment on John and Randy's Poetry reading: (Thursday 6 July 00)
It was beyond great.  There was smoke, wine and continuous exceptionally good poetry.  The egos were gone and serious social words were spoken (screamed) as well as humor to keep our minds from exploding  (John's "louse" and Drew's "Masturbation")  There were five great poets (well four great ones and me - I was humbled by their power) and one beautiful and very intelligent critic (Ruth) as well as an audience of four.  Ginsberg, Kerouac and Rexroth would have been proud.  (Rexroth is the anarchist poet that organized the "Six Gallery" poetry reading in 1955 where Ginsberg first read "Howl" - Did you know that one "Pop" culture expert - Drew??) I have not seen such shatteringly beautiful and terrifyingly powerful avant-garde art of any kind (visual, musical, theatrical or word) since the Dayton Art Hops of Santa Clare Arts district of a few years ago. It was inspiring.

Serendipity Performance Group Excellent!

The Serendipity Performance Group performed at the Antioch Theatre an original play written by Kristi Graf, "Don't Eat Pickles".  The audience was taken in and seated in a large circle.  The performers were already inside the circle.  Three females and one male surrounded one other female.  The center female had apparently eaten pickles before bed time and the remainder of the play was her nightmares or perhaps dreams, since they were not very scary.   Even though Kristi Graf called it a play it was much, much more performance art oriented than the play I attended at the warehouse a couple months ago.  

Early on I sensed Shakespeare's "Midsummer Nights Dream".   I did not see this as negative.  Another "nights dream" is OK.  I was very impressed by the visual "Performance Art" type material.  This is probably because I am a performance art person.  But then I am a performance art type person because I find the theatrical word heavy material easily boring.  However, we knew it was theater because there were words throughout with them becoming significant at at least two places in the performance.  It was like a dictionary where they were being defined.  Again this is OK.  Shakespeare supposedly created more words (new words with new meanings) than any other historical writer.  Of course , in modern times, Burgess with "A Clockwork Orange" put Shakespeare's word creativity to shame. 

I enjoyed the sensual (to the point of erotic) parts.  I am aware that people say that writers take the easy way out by using sex.  However,  You could say that success without sex, is avoiding the issues that concern our existence.  

Had I created it as a performance art piece, I would have had pickles for the audience in the waiting area if not distributed during the performance.  Considering all the sensual parts, I would have at least (and probably no more) a bare breast for a short time.  I really liked the sweat and heat (it was the hottest day this year) as well as the smoke.  It is a "Performance Art" concept to make the audience feel (heat in this case) and see sweat on the performers as well as smell the smoke the performers are creating.

All the performers performed well with some of them performing above and beyond.  The plot/story line was fresh and interesting.

I definitely want to be informed when "Serendipity" performs again. 

Jack Bowman


by by James Obenshain             October 1998

There is an active poetry/performance art scene here in Lexington (Kentucky) but they usually do not take place at coffee houses. There is this thing called the Fourth Friday Happy hour at an art gallery called the Louden House where they have performance art, poetry contests, etc. There is always something going on with the English department here at UK. My experience has been that the type of thing that is "slacking" in Dayton (poetry/performance art scene) was an early-mid 90's thing when Generation Xers had something to bitch about. Now with the economy doing so well, most of us have good jobs and are making  money so on weekends, we go to dance clubs and dance until dawn, hang out at Irish bars, or see drag shows.


The Poetry Slams held at the Canal Street Tavern the last Sunday of the month is the major poetry scene in Dayton.    Other poetry events such as Wright State, Trolly Stop, Barnes and Noble, Borders are occurring generally around once a month.

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A performance art - environmental theater piece that is open for public performers.  Sign up here.

SERENDIPITY is a performance theater group in the Dayton Area.  Their performance space is at 400  Linden Ave in Dayton Ohio.  Email at  

"The quest for truth is truth."



PERFORMANCE ART AND THE INTERNET.  The last performance at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival 1999. Title: Performance in Plato's Cave. Katie Niemi web page of Katie Niemi's poetry and photographs

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A site about the recent school violence and REAL solutions to the violence.  The fundamental flaw in public education

A new poetry book by a Dayton Area Poet. Eagle Over the Savanna by M.S. Savanna. Sample poem available at web site

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A new book is on sale for $10.  For a Free download copy click on the "Dangerous Weapon" icon.

Jack Bowman's second book with news for the next century.

Contains selected poetry and prose written during the last 30 years.

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Yahoo/Geocities has changed the format for viewing Real Player video's. The Performance Art and Dayton's Dark Intellect pages have been rewritten to allow viewing. You almost have to be a Computer Scientist to follow the directions but they are worth your while.

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A New site about the lives of the Solitary Wasp.

PORTSMOUTH Ohio open mic

open mic the 18th in portsmouth at eulas murray st pub it's near a factory called mitchellace off of gallia st, starts at 8,

hitpost.jpg (3854 bytes) For a real hoot visit Mr. Hitler's Neighborhood.  It now has a full length video of last years Performance at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival.  This link takes you to Mr. Hitler's Neighborhood. To watch the video go to the performance and then click on VIDEO.  The video is in Real Player format.  It will take ten to fifteen minutes to load.   The play time is five minutes.  The performance was video taped live at the Cleveland Public Theater and the audio is hollow.  If you have difficulty understanding it you may want to read the script first which can also be accessed from the Performance page.
playstill.gif (22014 bytes) In progress Performance Art piece. Video "Uncle Ed's One and Only True World of Science"
poeticon.gif (812 bytes) New poet added to "New Poets" page. Tim Freckman a Dayton native adds insight to our industrial culture.
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For an animated .gif of the Yellow Coffin that was performed Tuesday February 15th, 2000



A New in progress site toward the termination of Capitalism .  Written in the style of a Biography.


"Laws are always useful to those that own, and injurious to those who do not....Laws give the weak new burdens, and the strong new powers; they irretrievably destroyed natural freedom."  Rousseau Contract Social (The Social Contract).

norlicon.gif (1656 bytes) noteflsh.gif (25900 bytes) The Avant-garde Art in Dayton Ohio at the end of and beginning of the Millennium.  The art that blurs the difference between art and life. ENVIRONMENTAL THEATER SITE
scodicon.gif (5462 bytes) Link to a site dedicated to the pursuit of the math/visual/other formula that shows how evolution works. A lot of interesting graphic, audio, and video as well as the secrets of the universe  It has a major performance art section about the performance art piece called "Secrets of the Super Code" with script, notes, video clips, and still photographs. It has an illustrated Lewis Carroll's RED QUEEN. Also contains Jack's Law on the termination of colonizing species.


jthecon1.gif (900 bytes) JACK'S THEOREM AND THE PRIMAL THOUGHT is a site dedicated to the performance art piece by the same name.   Performed at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival in 1993.  Includes script, video clips, notes and still photos. Yes it is the notorious performance of the decapitated chicken but I did not include video or stills of the dead chicken.   IN DECEMBER OF 1998 PRODUCTION NOTES WERE ADDED.
particon.gif (812 bytes) From the Performance Art site  you can access new performance material.  Hitler's and Einstein's comments on Art and Education.  Also an essay on Cannibalism and Art. Strike site contains two performance pieces, an environmental theater piece called "STRIKE" and a performance piece called "America's Second Civil War".
ana.gif (415 bytes) Civilization died on  Tuesday, May 4, 6:03 p.m. this year.  Read about it in Ana May's Last Supper Chapter 7. circicon.gif (2827 bytes) JACK'S ART CIRCUS UPDATED.  New pages. Design Theory, Camera as Artist, Performance Art History, Creativity.
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