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This is an in progress and continuous performance site called Mr. Hitler's Neighborhood.  As a retired Public Education Teacher (31 plus years) I saw the similarities between what we are conditioning (teaching) our children and what Nazi Germany did to condition their children to follow the party line.  Ours (America) happens to be Capitalism but still has the STRONG conditioning of follow the leader.  This is what gets ALL nations in trouble. When they are not given the knowledge (taught) to question their direction they can only follow like ants in a line. Today (2007) we can see where this conditioning (by both the media and education) has taken us. Four years into the war it appears that we have rebuilt our distrust for the government controllers/conditioners.

The actual performance art piece is noted in this menu.  For example; the Aside character Mr. McFeel-me can be studied and recreated with the notes here.   The completed script and video is available by clicking on the pages below.

hitstill.jpg (4324 bytes) For a complete video of the Performance in Real Player format.  This is the complete performance and is 5 minutes long.  The video is about ten minutes long.  VIDEO
hitler43.jpg (4003 bytes) Return to Menu Page  hitler2s.jpg (2462 bytes) The aside character Mr. McFeel-me
 hitler3s.jpg (2315 bytes) Go to performance flyer hitler4s.jpg (2291 bytes) This is the script of the performance as originally performed. If the audio is not clear enough on the video go here.
hitler5s.jpg (2128 bytes) Read recent press (1998) about student suppression of expression. This is in German. estamp.jpg (2403 bytes) Here is a recent performance of Mr. Hitler's Neighborhood (2006) with videos in RealPlayer, MySpace and Microsoft format.