The Game of "Life". The gateway to THE answer.

Evolution, or the math formula that I call the Super Code, is the only knowledge worth seeking.

It is the master of all knowledge.

Ed Fredkin believed that it was impossible to know that the entire universe was no more than a computer simulation. Perhaps it is.

Bill Gosper when hacking Life in the 1970's realizing that Fredkin may be right but that all computer programs have bugs or are affected by Chaos. Gosper believed that if we (the species) are merely a computer simulation and that when the program glitched we would have the opportunity (as a species) to find God or truth because the program is no longer in control of our every moment.

The game of life does not answer the question , "What is Evolution?" but somewhere in a glitched life game may be truth. Somewhere in a glitched Life game may be the answer to it all. Somewhere in that glitch may be the Super Code.

This web site is dedicated to the question. What is the Super Code? It is intended to stimulate others of the species so they are prepared when the glitch occurs. So they are prepared for the ultimate insight. The Super Code.

Jack Bowman (August 1997)

(Updated December 2006) To play the evolution game of life go to Once you are connected it will default to "blank".  Click inside the grid boxes. Make a square, triangle, or random shapes. Make several shapes but don't totally fill up the grid. Click on "STEP". In a few seconds the grid is refreshed with what the next generation will be in a given environment given the current (best possibly at this time) rules of evolution. Click on "AUTO" to have the grid automatically update itself. You can "STOP" it and add blocks. This is like adding new species to the evolving formula. Click on "RULES" to see how the evolving formula works. You can "RESET" the grid and start again.