Jack Bowman's illustrated RED QUEEN.

Text from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland"

  J. Bowman

Although you cannot see the Red Queen in the illustrations you can see her conceptually with the use of the phenomena known as after images.
Stare blankly at the red rectangle at the right. Stare until you start seeing a glow around the edge (about 30 seconds). Then quickly switch your eye to the dot  about one inch to the right. You will see a glowing turquoise sphere. afterimg.gif (351 bytes)

To see the Red Queen  stare at the green images then look quickly at your pointer located in a white area.

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To her suprise she lost sight of her in a moment, and found herself walking in at the front door again.

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She thought she would try the plan, this time of walking in the opposite direction.

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ALICE...had lost her way. "I don't know what you mean - by your way; said the queen 'all the ways about here belong to me."

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I only wanted to see what the garden was like your Majesty

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The most curious part of the thing was, that the trees and the other things round them never changed their places at all, however fast they went, they never seemed to pass anything.

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And she took a ribbon out of her pocket, marked in inches, and began measuring the ground, and sticking little pegs in here and there.

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How it happened, Alice never knew, but exactly as she came to the last peg, she was gone.