A Performance art piece by Jack Bowman and Sara Anne Wion.

"Since I," Jack Bowman, "will probably not live to see the revolution that overthrows Capitalism then Sara and I will create a performance art piece about the coming revolution. It is much like Shakespeare wrote about the past history. Sara and I are going to write about the future history. At all times, all performers, are to keep in mind that this is a Performance Art Piece in the spirit of Environmental Theater. It is not real. It is a game. We are playing. There is no excuse to break contemporary laws as a real revolution would do."

"Capitalism is the greatest evil ever to befall man. That is my," Jack Bowman’s, "belief. However, the performers do not have to agree. They only have to be dedicated to the performance. We are players."

The performance will be in several parts.

One part will be the Rally for Revolution. This will be a gathering of two or more people that discuss revolution. The play book "Strike" could be distributed here. The performers would call a gathering, either public or private. The gathering would be called "Rally for the Revolution". They would dress as one of their favorite revolutionaries such as Patty Hearst, Chi Guevara, Castro, Tim McVey, Malcom X, Lenin, Stalin, Poncho Villa, Pol Pot, Lee Harvey Oswald, MotherJones, Mao Tsetung, John Brown, Angela Davis, Usama Bin Laden, Eric Robert Rudolph, or others, or they could dress as one of the characters from Anthony Burgess’s "The Wanting Seed" or they could dress as themselves since all revolutions have the support of the common man and the common man would be the performers.

Pictures and/or Biographical data of some of these and other revolutionaries are loacted at:

Che Guevara

Usama Bin Laden

Eric Robert Rudolph

Angela Davis

John Brown

Lee Harvey Oswald

Mother Jones

Malcom X


A Second part would be the secret raids. Two or more performers will be wired with a tape player and speaker and raid public crowds. They will turn on the tape player with loud messages such as "Down with Capitalism, Down with banks."

A Third part will be an access tv show of 30 minutes. This will have subliminal messages in it such as Kooyanisqatsi . This tv show may be based loosly on Burgess’s "Wanting Seed" It will be filmed in three ten minute shots so there are more possibilities to use it in case the access will not show it.

A Fourth part will be the "Interactive Internet Theater" where a chat room will be set up so people all over the world can participate in "Revolution" The play will be three chapters of "The wanting seed" and each participant will choose a character they want to be and say what they want as that character. A Cliff's notes type thing will be made from "The wanting Seed" by Jack and costumes will be designed by Sara.

Jack and Sara, October 17, 1999